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Welcome to the Amerika-Institut!

Who can take classes at the Amerika-Institut?
The Amerika-Institut comprises two different sections: American Literary History and American Cultural History. You can choose courses from both. Any guest student may take part in classes at the Amerika-Institut (if their home institutions allow for that); however, preference will be given to those enrolled in an American Studies program at their home university. 

For more information see our website - there is also an english version!

Erasmus Co-ordinator 
Dr. Charlotte Lerg
Schellingstr. 3 VG
Raum 202
+49 (0)89 2180-3564

Where can I find out which courses are on offer?
You can find a list of courses on the institute’s website und "Course Catalogue" or "Vorlesungsverzeichnis". Do NOT click on "Webinfo" but use the pdf versions as those are commented! (including detailed descriptions, information on teaching-staff and teaching hours as well as the number of ECTS points awarded).

The new course catalogue for the summer will be online at the beginning of March! Usually you will find simmelar courses each semster but with the exception of the introductory lectures (Grundkurs) no courses will be tought two semsters in a row or even two years in a row. 

What are the language requirements?
Some classes are taught in English and some in German. You can tell from the language of the course title and the course description, except for the introductory lectures (“Grundkurs Amerikanische Kulturgeschichte”) which is announced in German but taught in English. Whichever class you choose, you have to have a command of that language at a level that allows you to follow and participate in academic discoursePlease note that for English we generally require a C1 level!

How to enroll? 
Please get in touch with whoever is teaching the class (you can find the name in the course catalogue) in order to inquire if the course is available for you and if there are any prerequites. Please be aware that in some cases, however, final confirmation of participation cannot be given until the general enrollment during the week before the start of the semster.

How to get credit for the course?

In all seminars attendance is mandatory; you are allowed to miss class no more than three times throughout the semester. You will be required to write a longer paper (Hausarbeit) and to complete a second assignment, which could be either an oral presentation, a shorter written piece, or an exam. Your lecturers will tell you the details at the beginning of the term in each respective class.

There are no final exams or grades for lectures (“Vorlesungen”), with the exception of the “Grundkurs.” If your home institution requires you to get a grade, please speak to the professor teaching the class in the beginning of the semester. 

Tutorials (“Übungen”) are not graded but work on a pass/fail basis. To pass you will usually have to complete two smaller assignments, which could be oral presentations, shorter written pieces, small exams in class, or a combination of any of these (contact the respective professor for details). If your home institution requires you to get a grade, please let your professor know before you hand in your first piece of work.

Special examinations/assignments are possible - if you arrange for them early enough!

 The “Grundkurs” is a special case both in Literature and in Cultural History. As an introductory overview class it is taught as a lecture + tutorial (“Übung”), but there is a graded exam in the end covering both the lecture and the tutorial. 

General Information for Incoming Erasmus 
Students at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Our Intrenational Office is happy to assist you with anything from matriculation to finding a place to live. They also have specific information for incoming Erasmus students. 
For further information just e-mail